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Here are some models for Cox Ride on Mowers:

Attached Images
Compact 09 Series.pdf (529.76 KB, 81 downloads)
Cox Ride on 09 Series Owners Manual
Compact Ride on.pdf (518.56 KB, 90 downloads)
Compact 1963-1978 928 & 928 Series 1
Economy model 4398H.pdf (1.01 MB, 59 downloads)
Economy 4398H 11.5hp & 13Hp Owners manual & parts list
Garden tractor GT2000.pdf (325.31 KB, 52 downloads)
GT 2000 Owners manual & Parts list
LawnBoss model 8900.pdf (631.46 KB, 46 downloads)
LawnBoss Model 8900 Owners Manual & Parts list
LawnBoss model 9605G & A10506G.pdf (992 KB, 49 downloads)
LawnBoss Model 9605G & A10506G Owners Manual & Parts List
Model 5-78.pdf (314.25 KB, 52 downloads)
Model 5.78 Owners Manual & Parts List
Model C1332 & C1532.pdf (1.16 MB, 55 downloads)
Model 9506C 13hp & 15Hp Owners manual & Parts List
Nova & Supa nova model 2300.pdf (967.11 KB, 41 downloads)
Model 2300 Nova & Supa Nova Owners Manual & Parts List
Scout XL model 20L.pdf (479.84 KB, 111 downloads)
Scout XL Model 20L Owners Manual & Parts List
Kingcat.pdf (1.65 MB, 76 downloads)
Kingcat Ride on series Owners Manual and Parts List
Cox 5398A.pdf (1.31 MB, 101 downloads)
Cox Model 5398A 1998-2002 13HP,14HP,16HP & 18HP Owner Manual and Parts list.
Anniversary12-32.pdf (814.67 KB, 46 downloads)
Anniversary 12-32
19-5398A-5302G-5303L-New-Generation.pdf (3.33 MB, 20 downloads)
MODEL5398A, 1998-2002 13HP, 14HP, 16HP, 18HP, CRS31, CRS32, CRS33, CRS34, CRS35, CRS36, CRS37, CRS38, CRS39, CRS310, CRS311, CRS312, CRS313, CRS314, CRS315, CRS316, CRS317, CRS318, CRS319. Owners and Parts Manual.
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