Hi people, This is my 1st posting here, hoping for some problem solving insight from more experienced members. I have a Rover Rancher Auto drive Model 1866. Yesterday i removed the cutting deck to make it easier to replace the Drive belt. All went well, i replaced the belt, put the cutting deck back in, so far so good.......started the mower......engaged the deck.....blades turn.......disengaged the blades.......the deck raises and lowers as you would expect, went to move the mower by pushing on the drive pedal.......NO GO. No forward or reverse.......all worked well before the drive belt broke........all i did was replace the belt, so now im struggling to figure out why it wont move now. I should add that when you press the drive pedal the mower does move an inch or so, it feels like it wants to drive but something is not engaging properly or something is out of adjustment, and the pedal doesnt seem to move as far as it used to......but as stated earlier i didnt fiddle with anything other than removing the cutting deck to make changing the drive belt easier..........the mower drove forward and reverse quite well before.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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