I don't have video or photo evidence but yesterday I was trying to do a compression test in my 1976 Victa mustang ( Part no. V173 ). I forgot to safely tape up the cable that attaches to the spark plug. As I went to pull the zip starter the cable was touching metal and residual fumes caught fire. I, stupidly, didn't have an extinguished on hand and had to act quick. My only choice was take a hand full of dirt and throw it on. It put the fire out but left me with a very large clean up job. The positive was that in cleaning i found out that someone had used a dodgy fix on the top end gasket and now I know how to pull down the 70 series mark 4 engine in about 15 minutes. So the lessons learnt are always have a carbon dioxide fire extinguished on hand, cover or detach the cable that goes to the spark plug and add your pressure tested and fire extinguished to my kit when buying these older mowers.

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