Just joined as I am trying to fix my Morrison mower. Made my first post and probably in the wrong place as most of the self propelled stuff is under ride ons and not 4 cycle mowers. Got 4 hectares at Frankston with lots of toys and work in Canberra so I lead a compicated life. Replaced the Morrison 710 with a grey market Kubota B7001 and a small slasher but I like the Morrison for doing the backyard around the house. Also got a KF Kubota walk behind tiller, another one that came with the B7001 and a Kubota FL1510C which I use behind a bent axle MF135 tractor. Had a fire got through trhe shed in 97 and have been rebuilding a burnt straight axle MF135 ever since. Quite a few other bits and pieces so the shed is quite full and I am always fixing something or other. Sourcing parts is a challenge but there is a lot of opportunities out there.

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