Here is a post that I found on another Bulletin Board that I thought that everyone here would find of interest.

I went to mow the lawn on Monday and found after I had filled the mower with fuel, that there was a leak in the fuel tank. Bugger. mad

I removed the cowling and still couldnt see the split so went to get some more tools from the shed, while I was getting them my 10 year old daughter found the crack in the tank. laugh

It was on a corner and across the joint where the tank must have been joined in the factory. I made the call and found that a new tank was going to cost $84.00, stuff that I thought, I rang a mate who is a specialist plastic repairer. who asked what sort of plastic it was. HTPE. he then told me how to fix it.

This is what I did, I aired the tank to remove fuel & fumes then got a small flat bladed screw driver and heated the tip till it glowed red
I then gently pushed the tip into the plastic split (but not thru the tank) removed and did again until the whole of the split was welded back together.

there was some plastic tabs on the fuel tank that didnt serve a purpose so I cut a small piece off of two of these.

cleaned up the welded split with a dremmel and then got my hot air gun and gently melted these two bits over the split area (two bits because of the corner) I used a punch ( there hot) to gentle put pressure on these and help mold them into the tank.
then let the tank cool down by itself ( didnt try to hurry it up)
I covered the outlet where the fuel hose connects and put my mouth over the filler and blew some air into the tank to see if there where any leaks, there wasnt any that I could detect.

I then put the tank back on the mower and filled with fuel, all good and no leaks. then mowed the lawn, after running for about 20min the tanks was still fine. laugh laugh laugh
It took about 15-20min to fix and I reckon it cost about 5 cents to fix (a little bit of gas and some electricity) plus my time.

money much better in my pocket.

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