Hi all.

Just had a good look at my dads lawn edger for the first time.
Looking at my chassis diag in my victa manual it looks like its as old as me nearly and is the full crank version from 1979 !

hasnt been started in 10-13 yrs.
still had fuel in it !! bad news.

Anyway - i learned how to do the basics and cleaned it up, replaced all consumables - washed out fuel tank/lines, degreased. new fuel in and tried to kick it over - rip cord is on the side !

it fired up and my god it sounded better than my hsv clubsport.
it has huge power being full crank motor - apprantly they went to 1/2 crank not long after to cut costs ... true ?

it is awesome my dad is v pleased to hear it again.- i will try and post a before and after pic if anyones interested.

Greg Coorey