Short story is two chains for Ozito 18 Volt chainsaw PXCCSS-018 are for sale. One is an Ozito, the other is a Stihl which I had made by a Stihl dealer

They are 40 DL, 3/8 LP 0.043inch

Long story is I bought an Ozito 18 V 10 inch (250mm) chainsaw which worked well for cutting small branches until the motor burnt out with lots of smoke. The replacement just stopped working, and after three others gave up I upgraded to the 2 X 18 V version which is working well.

The Ozito chain is dull but only used for maybe half an hour. The Stihl is sharp and has hardly had any use.

Hate throwing stuff out but no further use to me.

$20 plus postage for the two.

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