G'Day All
Recently I purchased a Webb Witch and I think (based on research) what I believe to be a Series 3. The attached photo shows a very rusty machine that has now been stripped down except for the rear roller. There are several queries that I pose to members for advice and information.

1. Is this a Series 3?

2. Instruction on how to disassemble the rear roller

3. The chain cover (located on the RHS of the machine) is badly rusted and beyond repair. I wish to access a replacement cover - suggestions greatly appreciated

4. Is there a workshop manual available for this model

5. The grass box/catcher was missing. Any suggestions for a replacement (preferably from Australian members) would be appreciated. Too expensive to air freight from the UK

Any advice or information members can provide will greatly assist in getting this rusty old girl back ready for my small lawn by Spring down-under.

Many thanks for any information

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