G'day, Gents. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I became custodian of my elderly mother's lawn care after a long-running contractor left her displeased. I've since then been researching the old Scott Bonnar reel mowers of the 70s that I have fond memories of a neighbour with putting green quality lawns when I was a kid. I recently picked up a model 45 14" to run on her lawn which has been an absolute delight.

As I now descend into the slippery slope of a rabbit hole that is this hobby. :D I've since then become the new owner of a Scott Bonnar Centenary reel mower.

I'm likely going to be needing some dire assistance with the latter mentioned so you're likely to see a bit of me around. Incidentally, If you happen to know about or know anything to help me with the Centenary please reach out.

Cheers Chris

If interested I've posted photos of my find here. https://www.outdoorking-forum.com.au/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/117831/re-scott-bonnar-centenary-model.html#Post117831

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