Just thought I would put this up here as we all like/have to fix other garden stuff to keep the lawns green. This info is already online, but it isn't widely known.

With spring not that far off, I wanted to get a common old Irritrol Quick Dial retic controller sorted out.

After 15 years of being on the wall sitting it full sun, when trying to start stations it simply displayed what looked like a little fuse indicator or a battery with a line through it. Apparently this is either a dud valve or a knackered box. $40 per valve but exit $300 for the more likely box. Jumping the valves off the 24v transformer indicated no dud valves

As it turns out, these don't have a battery. As an example of how americans can take a perfectly good system and stuff it, they use 2x soldered in super capacitors in place of a common and easily replaceable 9v battery. Over time, the electrolyte drys out and the capacitors - not helped by the fact these caps are at the top of the housing copping full heat.

I came across somewhere online months ago saying replace the pair of 0.33 mF, 5.5v caps and it should work again. I couldn't find that size in Jaycar so grabbed 47mF and (paying attention to polarity) soldered them in this afternoon.

The controller is back in business for under $20 - more palatable than $300 for a controller


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