Greetings All, Been lurking here occasionally for years, originally looking for info on 2 stroke chainsaw and brushcutter carbies. Decades of mucking around with 4 strokes motors and all sorts of mechanical devices did not prepare me for those pesky 2 stroke carbs. I don't have any great love for mowers and don't consider myself to be a mower collector but one who owns 20 + old, running mowers and several in pieces must by definition be considered a collector. A while back I wanted to see some of the photos on the site so became a registered member. Can appreciate anybody who has a passion for mechanical objects, especially those keen on finding out the history and development of their particular interest/s. They say a picture tells a thousand words. I've put a few photos and more than a few words about my mowers online, hopefully should suffice as my introduction to this excellent Forum. The link is in the Rotary Collections section.