Just a quick "heads up" on aftermarket products to replace 1960s Victa throttle control to carby sheathing/tubing. This is basically thin-walled auto-electric tubing to prevent the cut-off wire getting caught up or wearing and then shorting out. My calipers tell me the originals were 6 mm inside diameter.

The best one appears to be a discontinued line (ACX1139) as I can't find it listed on the OEX website anymore. This is aviation standard Auto Electrical PVC Tubing ID - 6mm Black Cable Sheath, Made in Australia near Brisbane Airport by OEX, and pretty much identical to what was originally used by Victa. I bought a whopping 25 metre roll so can supply the correct lengths to any restorers for a small fee plus postage. Or you can buy your own 25 m roll and have enough to last you a lifetime.

There are other autoelectrical tubing sheaths available, but none that I could find online were as straight and uniform as the OEX brand. Many brands tend to be too flexible and go floppy and crinkly, especially if left out in the sun.

Alternatively, 6mm water tubing should do a similar job, as the 6mm is ID, but the outer diameter is a fraction wider than the original tubing. It is also a fair bit stiffer than the OEX product.

Here is an example. https://www.aquagardening.com.au/black-6mm-flexible-water-tubing

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