Hi all, just thought I would say hello & introduce myself to all members here. I recently discharged after 20+years in the Army as a Fitter & have landed a nice gig here in Wodonga teaching, so my family is no longer travelling all over the country with me every 3 years. I have recently got the lawn/gardening bug big time, after buying myself a birthday present by way of a 1972 Scott Bonnar 45. My scotty is average to say the least & the restoration has begun this week as I am isolating due to COVID. It came to me barely starting with a rusted out fuel tank & blocked tank barb which was quick & easy to fix. I have researched long & hard on the internet about all things Scott Bonnar & found this website & signed up immediately. My plan is to fully strip down & restore my mower over the winter months ready to tackle a full lawn resto around Sep-Oct to get my lawn popping for summer. Only been on here for a couple of weeks but have learnt so much already. Already started looking for my next project & the first hasn't really started yet!

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