Hey all,

I am new to the forum and have just been gifted an old Austral Villiers Everyman mower.

I have already had a look at other posts on this forum which has helped me with a lot already with understanding the mower. I wish to restore it which i am sure will be a fair bit of work however the mower itself is complete which is a good start. I am however missing the catcher. If anyone else has one of these mowers it would be great to get some input into any gremlins they may be able to see from the pictures. I have the third chain which drives the rear roller, it had snapped so i am hoping i can find replacement chains which may fit off a similar mower. I think i have found a gasket kit for the Villiers Mk2 Midget motor (http://www.villiersparts.co.uk/gas.html)but i am sure there will be other bits i will require. The mower had been started and ran about 18months ago but i have not attempted to start it since i got it a few weeks ago. The mower has a lot of surface rust, i am no expert but everything else i think looks structural sound.

Has anybody got a good picture or is able to provide me with some dimensions for the catcher as i will have to get something fabricated and if the clutch is cactus where would i start searching for replacement parts for this? I am laying about 80m2 of lawn in September which i would love to use this mower to take care of.

Any help would be great!
Thanks in advance


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