Hi All

As our house has evolved, I have been left with 7 small areas of grass over our 600m2 block of suburban paradise.

I am over wheeling my awesome 4 blade Honda rotary around through gates, and soon over a small raised deck, so bought a Flymo H40 reel mower, and fell instantly in love with the finish and method. BUT its a cheap plastic POS. So I bought an old 7 blade Pope Wimbledon, and, well, it has some issues, but what a machine. I need to either find 3 of the little "nuts" that hold the bed knife adjusting screws, or fabricate something to go in its place, and then get it sharpened and I will have a practical mower for my application.

Or another alternative is find a nice example of a roller driven push reel mower, like the Ransoms Astral or Certes, a Webb WEH12R, maybe even a Hudson Star (they are a little expensive) or something similar, but I have Sir Walter Buffalo so it needs to be able to cut at 30-40mm to maintain a nice lawn.

So does anybody have some nuts they would part with?

Any suggestions where to find a roller driven push mower like those mentioned?