Hi all

Picked up this 33 yesterday as a non runner and looked to be in pretty good overall condition. Got it running this afternoon with fresh fuel etc and it runs beaut, the motor is near new. Looks like it's had a change of colour at some time but done very well.
The cutter and drive clutches work fine. the chains have a fair bit of play in them, can one of the SB experts comment on this.
Is the land roll speed adjustable as it gets along at a very good clip even with low engine revs ? both blades have a lot of life in them.
The numbers are 33 06844
I currently use an SB 45 17 which is a 2 owner machine from new and does a great job. Do the 33's cut as nice as the 45's when set properly ?
I'm thinking of cashing in on the SB 45 craze which is still going strong in the west and keeping the 33 but sourcing parts in the future for the 33 might be an issue ? your comments please.


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