Hi to All,
Three golfers were standing on the tee of the sixth hole of their local golf club when Ernie, an accomplished golfer in the group, had the honour to tee off first.The sixth is a par 3 hole and he chose his trusty 7 iron and blasted off; landing his ball just on the fringe of the green. After the others played their shots, Ernie approached his ball with his putter and just as he tapped it towards the hole, a bolt of lightening struck him and the next thing he knew was,he was standing at the Pearly Gates with his smoking putter still in his hand,his face all blackened, and St.Peter was looking at him with a puzzles look!
"Name", said St. Peter? "Ernie" he replied."What are you here for" asked St. Peter? Ernie replied
lol!! laugh


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