Victa Cortina 2 Shed Find

Hi everyone, Brand new here but thought I share my shed find with you - Victa Cortina 2. It belonged to my Great Uncle - he's still at home and going strong at 98 years old living on his own. He told me about this old beauty a while ago and this week I bought it home with me. He hadn't started it for 30 odd years and used to run it on a mix of petrol and engine oil (not measured, just what he thought). Sooooooo, to get it running I did this: Cleaned out the fuel tank, looks good inside. New fuel line Cleaned out the exhaust. It was chock full of carbon build up and cockroach eggs and crap. Cleaned the spark plug in a bit of petrol and used a bit of wet and dry sandpaper - put it back in. Bit of WD40 on the starter mechanism and around the place to free it up a bit. Away she went. She's a bit sluggish when its cold but once its warm it goes like a train. I cut the front grass with it today. I'm just going to get a new spark plug for it as the one in it isn't the best after all these years. I'll probably also pull the carby off and have a look at that as well at some stage. I'll give it a general clean up now but I'll leave it mostly as is. I'll probably look for a new catcher as welll as the plastic one is pretty much stuffed. I'd like the metal one, I think they look great. Cheers and thanks for looking.