Hello Bruce, Members and Mods

I can’t decorate the tree this year.
After two years of this brutal pandemic, I’m
thinking members think the same – we’re
exhausted - and we hope for better,
normal times.

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ODK thanks all members for their support of
these great forums, but we particularly THANK
the member leaders who have chosen to help
others over the 2021 year. A few have done
this year-in and year-out. This is very much
in the Christmas spirit – of giving.

From Tasmania to Tennessee, folks simply
help other folks on garden and garden
products questions. Thank you!

A big thank you to the man they call
Bruce for ODK. His vision, decades ago,
has built up a huge cache of valuable
repair and historical information.

I hope this site remains … relevant!

ODK wishes all a happy, safe, and festive 2021
and a better 2022 New Year.

Long live the King.